Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Day Two - Finding a 'Training Plan'

So after last night's little disaster, I decided to do some searching.

I am now officially signed up to do the race - no backing out now - and they have some funky plans on the Great website. So I fill in all the details, including my height (short), my resting heart rate (which as a nurse, should not have been so hard to count...) and my weight (never you mind!). Then the date of the run. 16th May 2010.

I get this message:

Your chosen date is less than 10 weeks away. Our schedules are based on 12 and 16 week plans and we strongly recommend that participants complete a full schedule. You may still continue by clicking on “Next”, however there may be a shortfall in the amount of training you complete in the time available.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

So I continue and get the following training plan:

Schedule Summary:Print Schedule
1Rest10 min run/walkRest10 min run/walkRest10 min run/walkRest
2Rest15 mins easy runRest15 mins easy runRest10 mins easy run20 mins easy run
3Rest20 mins easy runRest15 mins easy runRest10 mins easy run10 km race with easy warm up and cool down

So not looking great then. Do like the sound of resting though. Mmm. Most worrying is that I don't actually try the 10k at any point before the 16th. ANYONE ELSE SEEING A PROBLEM WITH THIS?!

I then decided to look at the training advice section. Some gems for you here...

It's not the end of the world if you don't run as well as you had hoped on race day.

Um, what if I end up walking/crippled?!

Take a break from training if you have an infection or illness.

I still have tonsilitis... I can't break before I start! Especially with the non-existent training schedule!

Give yourself time to adapt to new training demands.

Um, is 2 weeks long enough to adapt to training full stop?!

Sudden rises in your (heart) rate are signs that you are putting your body under too much stress.

Right, so that will be having to put trainers on then...

Build up your training gradually.

Again, not really an option there...

Please sponsor me people. There is no way in hell I can do this without your support.
And please, please, SEND ME TIPS!!! xxx

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