Friday, 30 April 2010

Day Five - finding the pain threshold...

I HIT 10 MINS!!!!

This won't sound like much of an achievement, but it REALLY is a huge improvement on last 5 mins attempt. Did only do it once, but warmed down with a lovely walk while chatting to the FAB Emily Thackray (LLTGL Chair) who was remarkably unperturbed when picking up the phone to a panting woman...

Another thing I have discovered - I run listening to a playlist on my BlackBerry (that previous sentence makes me hate myself a little) - and can thus check my facebook on the way - and reply! This is an amazing distraction, and really helped pass the time. So please, Facebook me, text me, email me, whatever me on the day of the race (and before if you like - spread the love!) and help distract me from the breathing thing...

Right, I'm off to shower and gorge myself on food (been typing and stretching - I'm so good!!!)


Day Five - leaving the bed of warmth...

I am quite attached to my bed. Admittedly, I'm quite nocturnal, but I love my bed, especially at the just-woken-up-and-all-snuggly stage of the morning (like, um, now...).

But I am about to leave my bed an hour before I need to to go for another bloody run. I didn't, admittedly, go yesterday. This was because I was hugely angry at the Mystery of the Disappearing Beer caper that was going on in my flat. (You can take my food, you can take my pots and pans, but you will NEVER take my STELLA!!!).

The last couple of days have not been without achievement though.

On Weds, I went for a run. 5 whole mins, non-stop, as per Rugby Boy's instructions!!
Phoned He Who Knows All from the middle of some hill in Newcastle, unable to really speak, but not sexy enough to heavy breathe (it was, apparently, more like death-panting) to tell him the good news, had a bit of a chat, then DID IT AGAIN!!!

I know. Clearly whooping the ass of the training schedule upto now.

Except I missed yesterday's 6 mins. So today must be 7. Twice. Yuck.

I'm heading down south this weekend, and so may not blog, but AM taking my kit with me. Ugh. This people, is total dedication. Sod the other Three, vote Pops and her Wobbly Legs Party. I may not know where I'm going, and I can't count, let alone understand economics, but I will at least do my very bestest to run 10k. Though, having said that, I need to get out of this bed first. The second Duvet always makes this that wee bit harder (don't judge me, I'm a snuggler...).

Right. On with the smelly gym kit of doom...


PS. This running thing is making me fat. On Weds, I ate 2 large meals (one, admittedly, was pizza and chips), and yesterday nibbled on 3. I'm normally impressed if I hit one. Not sure weight gain was entirely the point you know... xxx

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Day Two - and you didn't think it could get any worse...

Once upon a time, I lived with a rugby player. He was, and remains to this day, a machine. He seems a logical person to ask for help.

First response was "drop out", and the word "goon" was also bandied around. Harsh, but possibly fair. When I said that wasn't going to happen, he came up with the following...

try and run for 5 mins non stop tomorrow, then 7 the next day, then 10 the next day, then take a day off, then do 10 again. Then try 11, then try 12, then try 13 then rest.

1) Train EVERY day
2) Rest 1 out of 3, but stretch and walk
3) Increase the distance/constant running time every time (even if only 30 seconds)
4) Eat decent amounts
6) Lots of rest

... or rest 1 out of 4 if you are feeling up to it later on

So in other words:

1) Wave goodbye to a social life/dress sense/your reputation as a sensible person (well, kinda)

2) I say you get a day off, but that's not strictly true. If there's no rest for the wicked, this must make me as wicked as the pre-loved up Simon Cowell. But without the high waistband.

3) When your lungs feel like they may burst, do MORE!!!

4) Eat. Remember that food stuff? It's helpful.

5)Drink. Piss like a horse but love the skin improvement which you will then sweat through.

6) Sleep. Go on, change the habit of a lifetime...

Oh dear.

Good news though - tomorrow, SHOE SHOPPING!!! xxx

Day Two - Finding a 'Training Plan'

So after last night's little disaster, I decided to do some searching.

I am now officially signed up to do the race - no backing out now - and they have some funky plans on the Great website. So I fill in all the details, including my height (short), my resting heart rate (which as a nurse, should not have been so hard to count...) and my weight (never you mind!). Then the date of the run. 16th May 2010.

I get this message:

Your chosen date is less than 10 weeks away. Our schedules are based on 12 and 16 week plans and we strongly recommend that participants complete a full schedule. You may still continue by clicking on “Next”, however there may be a shortfall in the amount of training you complete in the time available.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

So I continue and get the following training plan:

Schedule Summary:Print Schedule
1Rest10 min run/walkRest10 min run/walkRest10 min run/walkRest
2Rest15 mins easy runRest15 mins easy runRest10 mins easy run20 mins easy run
3Rest20 mins easy runRest15 mins easy runRest10 mins easy run10 km race with easy warm up and cool down

So not looking great then. Do like the sound of resting though. Mmm. Most worrying is that I don't actually try the 10k at any point before the 16th. ANYONE ELSE SEEING A PROBLEM WITH THIS?!

I then decided to look at the training advice section. Some gems for you here...

It's not the end of the world if you don't run as well as you had hoped on race day.

Um, what if I end up walking/crippled?!

Take a break from training if you have an infection or illness.

I still have tonsilitis... I can't break before I start! Especially with the non-existent training schedule!

Give yourself time to adapt to new training demands.

Um, is 2 weeks long enough to adapt to training full stop?!

Sudden rises in your (heart) rate are signs that you are putting your body under too much stress.

Right, so that will be having to put trainers on then...

Build up your training gradually.

Again, not really an option there...

Please sponsor me people. There is no way in hell I can do this without your support.
And please, please, SEND ME TIPS!!! xxx

Monday, 26 April 2010

Day One - The first run and the return of the Hangover

Last night, I experienced Vodka Jelly for the first time. This would probably have been fine, had I not also re-experienced Vodka Shots and 4 different types of Wine. Such Larks.

As a result of my crazy-lady drinking session, I was not very well today. Having Tonsilitis didn't really help with this.

After eating something this evening though, I decided I should try giving the trainers a go. BIG MISTAKE.

If I was nervous beforehand, now I am pooing all sorts of building supplies. I ran for 3 mins, and felt like my chest was going to explode. So I walked for a few mins. Then ran again, for about 2 mins. Then walked some more. The only reason I ran the last stretch was because I was running past a bar full of very posh students, and didn't want to look silly walking. Or for people to think I normally dress like this.

And the headache and nausea returned. Oh crappity crap.


Day One - Hitting the Hangover

Day One, Hours trained: 0 (Ever. Oh dear...)

So I'm running 10k. Soon. Normally, I don't do anything which cannot be done in Heels.

I am not a fit person. I am thin because I have an amazing ability to forget to eat. This is neither big nor clever, but hell.

This must, however, change. So I have dug my trainers out from the bottom of my wardrobe (they're very clean!), have set up a JustGiving page ( - please sponsor me!), and here we go.

I had grand plans to run in a silly outfit (that way, no one expects anything out of me!). But He Who Knows All says that this is not wise for a first attempt. He may have a point. Apparently, I should also do more than simply go for a jog each day, as that will just kill my knees. So I have to try swimming. Except I can't swim, and have not got time to learn that too. Or ride a bike. Don't have one of those either.

I'm so screwed... Please send me tips. Literally anything, I have no idea where to start.