Monday, 26 April 2010

Day One - The first run and the return of the Hangover

Last night, I experienced Vodka Jelly for the first time. This would probably have been fine, had I not also re-experienced Vodka Shots and 4 different types of Wine. Such Larks.

As a result of my crazy-lady drinking session, I was not very well today. Having Tonsilitis didn't really help with this.

After eating something this evening though, I decided I should try giving the trainers a go. BIG MISTAKE.

If I was nervous beforehand, now I am pooing all sorts of building supplies. I ran for 3 mins, and felt like my chest was going to explode. So I walked for a few mins. Then ran again, for about 2 mins. Then walked some more. The only reason I ran the last stretch was because I was running past a bar full of very posh students, and didn't want to look silly walking. Or for people to think I normally dress like this.

And the headache and nausea returned. Oh crappity crap.


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