Monday, 26 April 2010

Day One - Hitting the Hangover

Day One, Hours trained: 0 (Ever. Oh dear...)

So I'm running 10k. Soon. Normally, I don't do anything which cannot be done in Heels.

I am not a fit person. I am thin because I have an amazing ability to forget to eat. This is neither big nor clever, but hell.

This must, however, change. So I have dug my trainers out from the bottom of my wardrobe (they're very clean!), have set up a JustGiving page ( - please sponsor me!), and here we go.

I had grand plans to run in a silly outfit (that way, no one expects anything out of me!). But He Who Knows All says that this is not wise for a first attempt. He may have a point. Apparently, I should also do more than simply go for a jog each day, as that will just kill my knees. So I have to try swimming. Except I can't swim, and have not got time to learn that too. Or ride a bike. Don't have one of those either.

I'm so screwed... Please send me tips. Literally anything, I have no idea where to start.


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