Friday, 30 April 2010

Day Five - leaving the bed of warmth...

I am quite attached to my bed. Admittedly, I'm quite nocturnal, but I love my bed, especially at the just-woken-up-and-all-snuggly stage of the morning (like, um, now...).

But I am about to leave my bed an hour before I need to to go for another bloody run. I didn't, admittedly, go yesterday. This was because I was hugely angry at the Mystery of the Disappearing Beer caper that was going on in my flat. (You can take my food, you can take my pots and pans, but you will NEVER take my STELLA!!!).

The last couple of days have not been without achievement though.

On Weds, I went for a run. 5 whole mins, non-stop, as per Rugby Boy's instructions!!
Phoned He Who Knows All from the middle of some hill in Newcastle, unable to really speak, but not sexy enough to heavy breathe (it was, apparently, more like death-panting) to tell him the good news, had a bit of a chat, then DID IT AGAIN!!!

I know. Clearly whooping the ass of the training schedule upto now.

Except I missed yesterday's 6 mins. So today must be 7. Twice. Yuck.

I'm heading down south this weekend, and so may not blog, but AM taking my kit with me. Ugh. This people, is total dedication. Sod the other Three, vote Pops and her Wobbly Legs Party. I may not know where I'm going, and I can't count, let alone understand economics, but I will at least do my very bestest to run 10k. Though, having said that, I need to get out of this bed first. The second Duvet always makes this that wee bit harder (don't judge me, I'm a snuggler...).

Right. On with the smelly gym kit of doom...


PS. This running thing is making me fat. On Weds, I ate 2 large meals (one, admittedly, was pizza and chips), and yesterday nibbled on 3. I'm normally impressed if I hit one. Not sure weight gain was entirely the point you know... xxx

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