Tuesday, 4 May 2010

day whatever it is now - and look, i can blog from my blackberry!

I'm easily pleased. Bless.

So as election-fever grips the country, I know all my devoted readers (that's all three or so of you!) Are far more interested in my legs than those of any party leader (though I hear that Clegg is quite a catch - I digress...)

I have a confession. Forgive me fanclub, for I have sinned. Until this evening, I had not been out running since that 10min extravaganza. Maybe I had a "quit while I'm ahead" feeling, or more likely, I was just too damn lazy.
Either way, I was a Bad Pops. Sorry! I did however spend a good few hours power walking around Newcastle delivering flyers for an unnamed political party, so that is some exercise at least. Hurrah.

Today however, that changed. After lectures, I went home, and with lots of nagging and persuasion from Emily, gave it another shot.

My final aim is to run this thing 20mins on, 10mins walking. I wasn't expecting to hit 20mins pretty comfortably so soon. No really. And I didn't fall over or bribe a passing husky family to drag me.

You may cheer now. Go on, no-one's listening. Promise.

So now I have a dilemma. Do I aim to get that to 30 mins? Or stick with the original plan?
It's a tricky one.

Answers on a postcard please. And while you're there, answer this - my metro has been 'arriving in 2 mins' for the last 20mins. How does that even begin to work?!


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